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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kristen Stewart Leaked Full Frontal Nudity From On The Road (2012) *Large Pic!*

Here is a lovely pic of (allegedly) Kristen Stewart's leaked full frontal nudity from On The Road (2012), the movie adaptation of the Jack Kerouac novel.

(click to see full photo)

Haven't been able to confirm this one yet, but many elements of the above pic do match some of what we know of the film. If it is a cut-n-paste job, it's pretty good.

It's been confirmed by the production crew that Kristen is indeed topless in the movie from just about the opening scene, and that 'it gets racier from there' (there was a production still leaked last year showing her topless in the front seat through the windshield that's already been validated by the studio as being legit, shown below):

(click to see full photo)

- but if she's indeed nude 'south of the border', then I'm definitely going to see this.

Either way...hell, I'd hit that! :D

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  1. Yeah me too, But not if I had to watch the miserable c@^t try to act!